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Lucky Participation & Winner


1. At least 1 purchase is necessary for any item to participate from https://babiesrhere.com or from https://qualityexcellence.net

2. Please write in notes, I'm Lucky and your pledge money like $1 or $25 to participate 1 time or 25 times. Use messenger to clarify anything which is present at right bottom side of the page. or use facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Babiesrhere/

3. It costs $1 to count as 1 participation. You can participate with as many dollars as you want. i.e. if you pledge $25 then 25 participation for that day will be counted and it will increase your chance. You have to write "I'm lucky with $25 to count as 25 participation".

4. A separate PayPal invoice will be sent to you as per your notes and participation pledged money, minimum $1 or maximum as you write in notes, and you have to pay that invoice for your pledge. i.e. if you entered in notes to participate with $1 then $1 invoice will be sent to you, if you write $25 then $25 invoice will be sent to you.

5. Once you pay that pledged money $1 or any amount and your payment is confirmed. then your name will come as a participant for that day. Every day morning 7 am PDT winner for the previous day will be declared on this page.  Please keep checking. If no participation then there will not be any winner for that day.

6. Go ahead and Make any useful product purchase and start winning huge collected participation money for that day. Only 1 winner with all participation money will be selected. If 100 participants with $100, then you will win $100 if 10000 participants with $10000 then you can win $10000 or any amount participated that day.

Try your luck. Its just $1 minimum and any product to purchase to make your day as a lucky day. You must have to understand that this is not a promise that everybody will be a winner, this is just to try your luck and you can win. You can not take a refund of your pledged money or your purchase for that participation.

Take me to a shopping website, I feel I'm lucky today  https://babiesrhere.com or https://qualityexcellence.net