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Outdoor travel camping pure copper tools, word screwdriver EDC Line cutting beer bottle opener

Baffling Boots

$ 100.00 USD

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Dear customer, how are you? January 23 - February 5 during the purchase of this opener. Please contact the buyer in time. If the product has a problem, we will replace or compensate in time.


The so-called copper is copper, copper 99%, soft, brass is 60-70% copper alloy copper, there is strength for this process is suitable for other products, the market is brass products .

Product Name: Brass Opener

Material: brass stainless steel (circle)

Size: length 27.5mm diameter 10mm stainless steel ring diameter 25mm

 Please Allow 2 To 9 Weeks For Delivery

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$ 100.00 USD

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