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Oval Pet Training Ringing Dog Clicker Pet Sounder

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Instructions for use: Press the button to train dogs or other pets.
Steps for usage:
1. Give the password, such as sitting down, etc., jumping fire ring, etc.
2. The dog makes a move according to the password
3. Clicker Clicker
4. Give Treat Snack Reward Dog
5. The owners heart is sober, want to say this dog is so easy to lie
6. The dogs heart is also sober, want to say so simple to fool the dog to eat according to the password to make the action
Clicking training can train dog home training, basic obedience, and tricks, and it can also correct bad behavior. For example: site drain, cage training, search, tracking, shaking, shaking, standing, worshiping, rolling, loading, closing, turning on, turning off, picking up, picking up toys, and correcting excessive squeaks and chaos Biting, pounding, rushing to pull pull ropes, chasing, feeding, feeding, serving, on the sofa, go to bed, attack, call back ... and so on. This is the magic power that can only be felt when you enter the world of clicker!
Material: ABS
Product size: 60mm*40mm*17.5mm
Color: as shown
Accessories: Key ring + black spring rope + key chain
packing include:1pcs